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A new enrollment cycle begins the first of every month. Please do apply early as it will take some time to process your application, schedule the interview, and provide participants access to the group. 


    Other content:

    • Career consultations with personalized advancement steps
    • Monthly check-ins and accountability on your career plan
    • Monthly artistic vision development sessions
    • Group writing sprints and accountability
    • Group reading sprints
    • Professional development readings and discussion
    • A community of like-minded authors who are all a few steps into their careers and dedicated to moving forward
    • Access to backlogged material from previous months

    live sessions:

    • Webinar- From Jane Austen to Eminem- Advanced Prose

    • Editing session- advanced query letters
    • Webinar- Mastering the Reader's Emotional Engagement
    • Editing session- bestselling first sentences
    • Webinar- Sex in YA Fiction
    • Editing session- your first page
    • Webinar- Advanced Story Spines
    • Editing session- chapter first and last lines
    • Webinar- Transportive First Pages
    • Editing session- pitches and hooks
    • Webinar: Why the Set-up is Key To a Structure that Hooks
    • Editing session- your story premise
    • Webinar- What You Need to Know About Publishing Contracts