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what is the breakthrough writer's boot camp?


Access. Community. Guidance. Accountability.  These 4 things are the central values of the Breakthrough Writers' Boot Camp. The program is an advanced coaching and support system for authors of fiction who want to take their skills to the next level. Intended for writers who have finished a few complete novels and/or have taken a few steps along a writing career such as signing with an agent or receiving a publishing contract, this program will use webinars on craft, workshop sessions with an editor, career consultations with goal-setting and check-ins, a moderated community of like-minded authors, and creative vision development to help authors reach their full potential. A monthly subscription format means participants may be enrolled for as long as they like and may cancel at any time.



bronwen Fleetwood

“Kate Brauning has a deep understanding of story mechanics and distills that theory into meaningful tools for writers. The Breakthrough Writers’ Boot Camp is a fantastic blend of craft lessons, interactive workshops, and mindset examination, all bundled in a style that is encouraging and realistic. The archive of materials is a gold mine, and the opportunity to work with Kate and get her individual feedback and guidance is unparalleled. More than just an editor, Kate is a teacher and a true advocate for writers.” - Bronwen Fleetwood, YA author

"Kate's Breakthrough Writers gave me the tools I didn't realize I needed to tighten the screws in my storytelling. It's no coincidence I landed my dream agent with the manuscript she helped me with." - Mark Benson, YA author represented by Sara Megibow

Mark Benson

Blair ThornburgH

"Kate has not only a razor-sharp mastery of her craft, but also an insight into the trends and workings of the publishing industry that is beyond valuable for any writer looking to establish a career. Work with her and get solid advice and so much encouragement." - Blair Thornburgh, author of Who's That Girl and others, editor at Dovetail Fiction, Publishers Weekly Star Watch 2017 honoree.

Ashley Hearn

"Simply put, I would not be where I am today if it weren’t for Kate’s mentorship and guidance. Her understanding of storytelling mechanics, her dedication to her clients, and her knowledge of the publishing industry is unparalleled. Kate was a blessing to have as a mentor because she genuinely cares about building up the skills, knowledge, and confidence of all who work with her. After three years as her intern, I was hired as a full-time associate-level editor, and I still find myself constantly referring back to everything Kate taught me. She gave me the confidence and experience I needed to pursue my publishing dreams!" - Ashley Hearn, editor at Page Street Publishing

Diana Urban

"Kate Brauning was the best thing that happened to my query letter. I’d already revised my query based on suggestions from friends and another editor, but it still felt incomplete. Once I hired Kate, who reads hundreds of pitches as part of her day job, she immediately spotted what was missing. Her feedback and insights took the query to the next level, and the data speaks for itself—I had a 40% request rate! I’m so grateful to Kate, not only for the stellar results, but also for being so reliable, prompt, and easy to work with. If ever need to hire a freelance editor in the future, she will be the first person I turn to!" - Diana Urban, marketing manager at BookBub, YA author 

“Kate understands story better than anyone I know. She's got a sharp, incisive eye for structure and plot as well as diction and detail, and her ability to turn a project's weaknesses into strengths is unmatched. Her edit letter helped me get to the heart of my manuscript, flesh out my characters, and become proud of the story I'd written. She's been mentoring me for years, and her guidance has helped me to learn how to seek out resources that would be most helpful for me, how to edit my work as effectively as possible, and how to find confidence in my skill as a writer. Without her support, my writing career would be in a standstill. I can't recommend working with Kate enough!” - Mark O'Brien, industry editor and YA author

Mark O'Brien

“Kate is a brilliant editor. Her ability to look into a story and see its potential, where exactly it will fit in the market, and how to help the writer realize that vision in a way only they can is legendary. She is a fierce advocate for people on her team, and she always goes above and beyond to help writers bring their art to life.

As a mentor and in general, Kate is one of the smartest people I know. She is insightful, creative, and quick thinking. Her deep industry knowledge and ability to convey its complicated facets to veterans and newbies alike make her simply irreplaceable. Always funny and welcoming, Kate is one of my favorite people to work with in publishing.” - Jessie Devine, previously agent at D4E0 Literary Agency, YA author

Jessie Devine

“Working with Kate was a dream come true for my manuscript. I've worked with other editors in the past, yet none of them gave the thoughtful insight and suggestions that Kate did. It was only after working with her that I landed my agent. She truly understands what it takes to make plot, character development and the writing come together.” - Sara Marissa Patel, YA author represented by Joanna Volpe at New Leaf Literary

Sara Marissa Patel

“Brauning tells a touching story of young, star-crossed lovers caught in a drama they have tried hard to avoid…A sweetly written mix of mystery and romantic turmoil.” -Kirkus Reviews on How We Fall

Kirkus Reviews

“Heartbreaking and well-paced, this mystery novel challenges readers to look past preconceptions and get to know characters, rather than focus on an uncomfortable taboo. Brauning’s characters are well developed and their story engrossing. An intriguing thriller…this title will raise eyebrows and capture the interest of teens.” - SLJ on How We Fall

School Library Journal

“Kate is a brilliant author. Her prose sings and her stories are tightly plotted and deeply emotional. Highly recommended!” - Nicole Baart, New York Times bestselling author of You Were Always Mine, Little Broken Things, and others

Nicole Baart

“An unusual combination of romance and suspense…There is also something universal about Jackie’s struggles with her feelings and her desires, and readers will identify with her emotions, while going along for the plot’s ride. This quest for identity, wrapped up in an intriguing mystery, hooks from the beginning.” - Booklist on How We Fall


How We Fall is a captivating read—a thrilling page-turner with an achingly powerful love story. It’s hard to believe this is Brauning’s debut because she is such a masterful writer—particularly in terms of character and dialogue…Brauning peels back a curtain on a social dynamic I have never experienced, and she does it with authenticity that rings from every page. Rarely have characters felt so real to me as they did in this story…In turns heartbreaking and hopeful, How We Fall takes readers on a one-of-a-kind journey of poignant friendship, passion, mystery and danger. This is one of the books where I’ve dog-eared pages with dialogue that made me laugh out loud, and poignant moments—even sentences—written by a talented author. You know the book is good when you want to go back and re-live a moment with them. Brauning’s characters did more than entertain me—they leaped off the page and made me see love in a whole new light." Jenny Moyer, author of Flashfall and Flashtide

Jenny Moyer

“(How We Fall) is surprising and thrilling and heartbreaking, all at the same time. It’s incredibly sexy, and incredibly scary (at the right moments). There were definitely some tears, and I may have finished the entire thing in one day.” - Kiersi Burkhart, author of Honor Code and others

Kiersi Burkhart