program tiers

Authors may choose one of two tiers for the Breakthrough Writers’ Boot Camp.

Tier 1: Author development. This is the base tier of the program and focuses on developing your skills, your goals, your self, and your career. This includes every program event each week. $60 per month. Authors who prefer to have their consultation upgraded to a 30-minute video chat or a phone call instead of email may do so for an additional $50 per month.

Tier 2: Book development. This is a more aggressive tier added to the base program. It includes all the content of tier 1 and adds work with Kate on a manuscript, either concepting a new one or revising a completed one. In this tier, the career consultation is upgraded to project development on your book. Each month, Kate will work through one step of a book development plan with you, starting with brainstorming of the concept and conflict, a 6-layer premise evaluation, plot arc evaluations for main characters and secondary characters, query and synopsis critiques, focusing of the major dramatic question, a prose analysis, and more. $175 per month. Kate can only work with 10 authors at a time for this tier, so please note there may be a waiting list. Apply as soon as you know you’re interested to be enrolled as early as possible.

*The fast-drafter plan can be added on to tier 2 for those who want to work aggressively on their novel, allowing additional development sessions with Kate at $100 per session, or with a custom quote for multiple sessoins more per month. If you are interested in this, please mention it on your application.

Authors may sign up for one tier and later shift to another, and they also may join tier 2 to work on one book and then once they are happy with the progress we’ve made on that book, start using a new book for the development sessions. Authors may use either a completed draft they are revising or a brand-new concept for the book development sessions.

A note from Kate:

Tiers are new in the program for the fall of 2019 and I’m so excited to be launching this for authors!

Last year, I edited a novel where so much was wonderful and transportive—the character, the voice, the pacing. The author had nailed it. Except the concept of the book was exactly like three others I’d read that year, and that I could have told her from the synopsis and a good discussion. And all three of those books lacked the originality and imaginative hook necessary to have a good chance of selling. I started to wish more authors were able to work with an editor before their book was done to catch these things early, before they’ve done all that work to write it and paid for expensive comprehensive edits.

Through editing books for clients, I’ve notice that many of them are paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for edits when the stakes are broken, or their character is passive, or the concept isn’t original enough, or all the interesting things happen in the last third of the story, or the main character’s arc has no meaningful growth. Sometimes it’s more complex things— there’s three wonderful POVs telling three amazing intersecting stories, but there’s no central major dramatic question holding them together. Or the story and plot are amazing but that concept is burned out right now and the author needs to find a way to bring the originality and imagination. Writing stories and shaping them into powerful books is expensive, time-consuming, and demanding. Few of us have extra time, energy, or money to waste on after-the-fact problem solving.

What if those things could be fixed or avoided all together in the developmental stages, and expensive edits left for when the book’s foundational ingredients are working smoothly? Then the editor you’re hiring could dig in even deeper, and your book could command more attention on submission or as you query or with your readers. You could minimize your chances of having to scrap a draft and start over, and you could maximize the marketability and appeal of your story.

I created the book development tier of this program specifically to help authors find a less expensive way to solve these issues earlier in the process. Other industries practice project development as a vital stage—authors can, too, right? This doesn’t replace comprehensive edits with a great editor, but it should help authors ensure that the foundation of their story is solid—that the premise is compelling and unique, the plot has a strong structure, the character arcs show insightful transformation, the plot and character arcs drive each other, the focus and purpose of the story is clear through the major dramatic question, and the opening chapters and any querying or submission materials are strong. This is an intensive program and so I am careful to not work with too many authors at once in this tier. Please apply if you are interested and I will let you know whether there’s a waiting list.