2019 Content

A new enrollment cycle begins the first of every month. Please do apply early as it will take some time to process your application, schedule the interview, and provide participants access to the group.

Each month, the program provides one event per week:

Week 1: Career consultations. Kate will discuss with you over video chat or email what your goals are and what you’re working on— time management, burnout, impostor syndrome, plotting, career issues. Kate will help you set some steps for you to work on that month, and when she checks in week 1 of the next month, she’ll help you troubleshoot and push your goals further. This enables you to achieve measurable progress every month. For tier 2, participants will work through their book development session materials.

Week 2: Webinar. Kate or a guest speaker will teach a class in a live video webinar on a craft topic or industry issue, such as book contracts, sex in YA fiction, readers’ emotional engagement, marketing, etc. Webinars are recorded, so participants who can’t make the live time can still view the class, and attendees can also re-watch the classes as needed.

Week 3: Workshop. In a live video webinar, Kate will critique volunteers’ materials, going line by line to discuss what editors look for and why. Materials may range from queries to first pages, from character arcs to social media presence. These are also recorded and may be viewed at a later date.

Week 4: Artistic vision development. Kate will assign some materials to engage with such as articles, speeches, TED Talks, or a film. Participants will then discuss moderator questions together in a chat in the program’s Slack group, sharing their own perspective and experience. The other events are typically focused on specific strategies for craft and career, so in this event the focus is on developing who you are as an artist, the gap you fill in your field, and what you want to bring to readers. Topics may include the taste-talent gap, impostor syndrome, self-motivation, decision fatigue, vulnerability and boundaries, comparing yourself to others, etc.


Other content:

  • Career consultations with personalized advancement steps

  • Meet-ups at conferences

  • Group writing sprints and accountability

  • Professional development readings and discussion

  • A community of like-minded, established authors

  • Access to backlogged material from previous months—over a year’s worth of classes

2019 content

  • Webinar- Writing Sexual Content in Adult Fiction

  • Workshop- editorial letters

  • Chat- Ira Glass, impostor syndrome, and the taste-talent gap

  • Webinar- Crafting A Strong Story Premise

  • Workshop- story premise evaluations

  • Chat- keeping art in your life

  • Webinar- Plot & The Major Dramatic Question

  • Workshop- query letter edits

  • Chat- Shonda Rhimes on doing, not dreaming

  • Webinar- Plot and the Structure of Fear

  • Workshop: Q&A with the Traveling Pens Tour

  • Chat- quarterly planning for authors

  • Webinar- All About Book Tours: In Conversation with the Traveling Pens

  • Workshop- first pages

  • Chat- decision fatigue

  • Webinar: All About Book Packaging with Blair Thornburgh

  • Editing session- line edits

  • Chat- self-motivation

  • Webinar- Character Arc as Transformation

  • Workshop- character arc evaluations

  • Webinar: All About Book Packaging with Blair Thornburgh

  • Workshop- line edits

  • Chat- comparing yourself to others